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Talks I have given

Creating Emotionally Relevant Experiences with Fluent Design

Claudio Guglieri, Mike Harnisch & I talk about how we brought the fluent design language into various in-box windows apps (Groove, Movies & TV)

LaunchDarkly: Custom Attributes for Fun & Scale

Feature flagging goes deeper than an on-off toggle. Sometimes you need to think differently about what a user really use. Listen to myself and Matthieu Labbé talk about it for 15 minutes.

Websites That I like

This is a good aggregator, and helps me discover new people. Defo. recommended.

Pragmatic Engineer
Really great general blog about engineering, with a tilt towards management

Hacker News
I know, I know. I visit when I’m bored, OK?

Raph Leviens Blog
Super nerdy, super technical, but makes me think deeper about some things

Tanya Reilly
I love this blog because it just speaks to me about the reality of being a senior+ IC

While mostly service focused, they post many talks that plant some interesting seeds in my brain. I’ve waned on it recently ‘cause I was like a kid in a candy store wanting to watch all the videos.

I.M. Wrights “Hard Code”
Used to have a good take on tech ‘management’. Management awareness and the realties of it are key to being that Senior+ engineer

Dan Abramov’s blog
Mr React; great writing, if long. Not just about react, if you think more deeply about what he says

Graham Lee
Pithy, Short, technical in nature, but not technical-technical.

Coding Horror
While the author doesn’t blog much any more, their older stuff is good. Co founder of Stack Overflow

Rands In Repose
How To manage Geeks / Being Geek author. Not as deep as he used to be, still worth a subscribe. The older stuff – and their books – have been amazingly formative for me and my thinking about managing myself

The Morning Paper
This person takes research papers, and makes them readable by normal people like me. They’re always interesting, and always make you think a lot more critically about technical things.

The Old New Thing
This might be controversial since it’s very Windows-Platform/C++ focused, but Raymond has a great style of explaining super complex topics in a layered fashion. It’s just great reading that encourages you to think about how you solve problems from ‘ok’ / ‘good enough’ / ‘great’ / ‘awesome’

Uber Engineering
Uber may not be the nest company culturally, but they do some /great/ tech. Their blog posts are lovely and informative.

General ‘Keeping Up With The Joneses’

AirBnB Engineering
BBC Design + Engineering
Dropbox Tech Blog

Individual Articles

Being Glue
The Builders High
The Nerd Handbook
Managing Nerds
So you want to be a wizard?
The engineer / manager pendulum
Your team is not ‘them’

Books That Made Me Think

Being Geek
Pragmatic Programmer
Effective Engineer
Writing solid code
Writing secure code

Books That Are Good Background

Coders at work
Creative selection
Code complete
The impostors hand book