Tools & technology this site uses. It's always important to call out those doing good work so we all share the love.


The core engine used for this site. Simple & easy to use.


Hosting provided for free, with easy hook up to github, and nice proxying rules.


A easy to drop in atom feed generator for Jekll. Drop it in, does it’s thing.


When you see an article on a blog, sometimes you want to know if you should hit save-for-later, or if you should just read it. But without knowing how long, how can you make that decision?

Well, this plugin is all you need!

jekyll-pygments-themes ('autumn' theme)

Jekyll makes use of the rouge syntax highlighter to put somen CSS styles on some source code so that it’s pretty.

I chose to use the autumn theme here, ‘cause it looks night in light colours.

Font Awesome

The little footer at the bottom of the site needed some zazzle. So, rather than linking with text, I wanted some icons. Found that font awesome makes some available for free in both font, and SVG format.

These are licensed under Creative Commons 4.0. Details here

On this site, I use these icons in SVG format:


Need some SEO juice in your header metatags? This. You need this.


Rather than making you go all the way to twitter to read a tweet, it’d be nice if it was inline. This little bit of ruby makes it easy to convert all twitter status URLs. Thanks @takuti.