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Lovingly designed, Storyvoid is an Instapaper app for Windows — PC, or Tablet — to keep you reading your Instapaper articles wherever you are, whatever you are doing.

Save articles right from any app (including Edge), so you can read them on your other Instapaper devices, like your iPhone, iPad or Android device.

Includes support for all your favourite windows features: Timeline, Jump list, and Picture-in-Picture mode!

Easy reading — Day, or Night

Not everyone reads in the same way — we all have unique needs to make reading as enjoyable as possible, and as easy as possible. With multiple colour schemes — Day, Paper, Dusk, and Night — Storyvoid allows you pick the the one that fits your reading style the best.

Storyvoid also supports your windows theme — switching automatically between dark & light modes.

Your eyes, your way

You need more than colours to make text easy to read, so you can also change the text size, line spacing spacing, and overall article width. You can also select the typeface that text is presented in -- you have six to choose from: Arial, Calibri, Cambria, Constantia, Georgia, and Sitka.

In the Microsoft Store

Storyvoid is available on the Microsoft Store for free — all you need is an Instapaper account, and a Windows device (Desktop or Tablet)