Storyvoid - FAQ & Support
What is Storyvoid?

A Windows app that lets you read articles you’ve saved to your Instapaper account. It syncs articles locally for offline reading, and lets you do all the things you’d expect an Instapaper app to do:

Where can I get it?

From the Windows Store! Either follow that link, or search inside the store for “Storyvoid”.

What's the latest version?

You can always get the latest version from the Microsoft Store – it should auto update. But to find out whats changed, checkout out the page.

How do I save an article from Edge?

Click the share icon (next to the address bar), and select Storyvoid in the app list that pops up.

What about other browsers? What about on a Mac?

Instapaper themselves have a great set of extensions. You can get them for all major browsers and platforms. Take a look here for details.

Do you have Keyboard Shortcuts?

Yes! We have many in both article view, and in the article list:

Article Viewer

Action Shortcut
Change font size Ctrl + + (Increase)
Ctrl + - (Decrease)
Close article Escape
Windows + Backspace
Ctrl + W
Hide / Show the toolbar Alt (or, click anywhere in the document)
Enter, or exit full screen F11
Open Display Settings Ctrl + D
Delete the article you are currently reading Ctrl + Delete
Move the article to another folder Ctrl + M
Archive or unarchive the article Ctrl + A
Like or unlike the article Ctrl + L
Move focus to the toolbar & make it visible Ctrl + T
Share an article Ctrl + S
Enter Picture In Picture Mode Ctrl + P

Article List

Action Shortcut
Sync Your Content F5
Open Sorts Ctrl + O
Toggle the navigation pane Ctrl + `
When an article is selected  
Open in the Browse V
Download, or redownload D
Unlike U
Delete Article Delete
Move Article M
Archive A
Share an article S
I'm having problems. Who do I contact?

There are a few ways for you to contact us.

If you’re having problems with how the article looks in the app, it really helps if you include both the URL of the article, and a screen shot of what’s not right.

Do you have a privacy policy? Do you collect any personal information?

We do have a privacy policy. We don’t collect personal information, but we do track how you use the app. Check out the privacy policy for the full details.

Note, Instapaper themselves may collect additional information, which you can see on in their privacy policy here.

Who runs the service? Are you affiliated with Instapaper?

Instapaper run’s the service, and we are not affiliated with them in any way. They just offer an API for 3rd parties, such as ourselves, to use.

Take a look at their FAQ / Help pages a for any questions specific to their services, policies, and functionality.